Make Copies

Before leaving make 3 copies of all of your important papers. Important papers are:
Flight Intinery/Final Destination
Driver's License/SS#
Nigerian Visa 
immunizations Record 

Copy 1: with you in a separate location from the actual documents.
Copy 2: to your spouse or family member and
Copy 3: to a family member or friend.

Travel Prep Tips 

The travel tips provided here are general and provided for the less exprienced traveller or mission worker. The tips are specifically related to travel for African Global, we encourage you to exercise good communication with Bishop Noah, your travel agent, Center for disease control and health department, your personal doctor , telephone company, etc.

Must have a valid Passport that does not expire within six months of your planned travel date. For example if you plan to go to Nigeria in August your passport must not expire before February of the next year. Don't forget to sign your passport.

when you get your passport photos, get extras, you will need a passport photo for your Nigerian Visa Also.

Nigerian Visa:
Get your visa as early as possible but not more than three(3) months before your travel dates. provides visa services however, you may process yourself or use any other Visa service. Visa must be done online with a credit card. IMPORTANT:Declare your visit as tourism. You will need a flight intinery and/or hotel reservation to accompany your Visa application.  

Cell Phones:
Check with your carrier to see if you have international roaming services and the cost per minute  as well as the cost per text (SMS). Please be advised that you may not have adequate resources available for charging electronic devices via an electrical outlet.  

Nigeria voltage is 220, USA voltage is 110. If you have the electricity available you will need a voltage converter and adapters for your devices. Heat producing devices need a 1600 converter and other devices like cell phones, PDA's etc need a 50 converter.  You can purchase them from Walmart, amazon etc. Igo now offers a AA battery pack that will charge most cell phones, it comes with the main battery pack and allows you to purchase (sold separately) the tip that fits your device. These are usually available at Radio Shack or online.