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2009 Year End Report

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Thank you for prayerfully considering our invitation to minister  to souls in Nigeria both naturally and spiritually. We are excited and ready for the impartation of the Holy Spirit for lay persons and leaders alike. The hearts of all are prepared and ready for God's word!

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Dr. Effiong Noah Udoekanem

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African Global Ministries Network is a Ministerial alliance for churches and ministries. It provides an international network and frame-work for the ongoing strategy of the Holy Spirit of God that will enhance the effectiveness of fishing connections and relationship among Kingdom Visionaries, and give expression to the new order of God.   In addition, African Global Ministries Network would like to partner with any organization internationally or locally to provide resources for structuring and organizing the foundation and building up of churches and its various ministries through governmental and economic functions, as well as further mentoring and equipping for all five-fold ministries. This is accomplished through resources that include yearly and quarterly African Global Bible Conferences with global church planting.   Also, it enables each local church within the alliance to draw upon its technical and human resources for the sake of maximizing their effectiveness at home and abroad. It is a credentialing, licensing and church planting organization that supports the work of ministry globally.

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